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The Department of Public Sociology

A brief overview of the Department of Public Sociology

opening the door to the study of Public Studies

DSC_0055切り抜き500.pngIn 2022, Public Studies【Kokyo】 was introduced as a new compulsory high school subject in Japan. This innovation was in recognition of the fact that, in today's world, globalization and information technology are posing unprecedented challenges and making it increasingly difficult to predict the future. As a result, it has become necessary for individuals to be able to think autonomously as they cooperate with others in pursuit of the mutual goals of creating a sustainable society and fostering public consciousness.

The Department of Public Sociology at Fukuoka Prefectural University strives to address social problems at a national level, anticipate suitable policies for their redress, and imbue students with the practical and critical thinking skills necessary to enact those policies. The department's ultimate aim is therefore to produce graduates who are confident and resolute when working individually or as part of a team, and who are in every sense worthy of the "public human resources" epithet commonly bestowed upon them.

Welcome to the Department of Public Sociology                  - Where you can identify and realize your dreams!

"knowledge is power"

The Department of Public Sociology is focused on enhancing the social mechanisms that enable people to live better, more fulfilling lives.

Local communities in Japan and around the world face a plethora of issues such as conflict, discrimination, environmental destruction, and disparities in wealth and status. The critical question is, "Would you, as a global citizen and after acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills, be bold enough to face those challenges?"

be what you want to be

  • ■ Study a wide range of fields such as sociology, political science, economics,
  •   pedagogy, geography, information science, etc.
  • ■ Problem-solving class - Discover local issues, clarify causes, and formulate solutions
      Acquire problem-solving skills and the ability to summarize and report your findings
  •   through social research training.
  •    ➡ [Social research practice]
  •   develop the ability to think critically and understand others through teacher
  •   -student dialogue in small-group classes
  •   ■ attain the ability to communicate clearly
  •    ➡ [Seminar ]
  •   ■ participate actively in projects that contribute to local communities in profoundly
  •    positive ways in collaboration with local governments.
  •    ➡ [Shining students]
  • 038.jpg  We welcome those who are strongly committed to
  •   improving society and to solving the problems
  •   confronting local communities in Japan and throughout
  •   the world.


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