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International Exchange

At Fukuoka Prefectural University, we encourage our students to become active participants in the global community. In pursuit of this objective, and in recognition of Fukuoka's renowned status as "the gateway to Asia," the university has traditionally looked to its Asian neighbours for the establishment of sister-school relationships and the creation of student exchange programmes.

As part of this ongoing commitment to globalization and the creation of a more culturally-aware graduate body, Fukuoka Prefectural University offers a range of exchange programmes for study-abroad students wishing to broaden their horizons and immerse themselves in Japanese language and culture. These programmes are held in conjunction with the universities listed below and are complemented by additional collaborative activities such as the exchange of academic personnel and the hosting of international symposiums.

Furthermore, an elective study-abroad programme to the United Kingdom was established as an accredited course at Fukuoka Prefectural University in 2011 and has been a constant feature of the curriculum ever since.


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Academically-affiliated Universities

Nanjing Normal University (China, agreement concluded in 1994) 

Daegu Haany University (Rep. of Korea, agreement concluded in 2006) 

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (China, agreement concluded in 2009)

Khon Kaen University (Thailand, MOU concluded in 2009)

Sahmyook University (Rep. of Korea, agreement concluded in 2010) 

Uiduk University (Rep. of Korea, agreement concluded in 2015)

Zhuhai College of Jilin University (China, agreement concluded in 2016)

Language Programmes

●The UK Study Programme

Each summer, 12 students from Fukuoka Prefectural University visit the historical City of Bath, one of the United Kingdom's most beautiful cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While there, they experience the British way of life by doing a homestay, participate in English language classes at Bath College, and explore other world-famous places of cultural significance such as Stonehenge and the City of Oxford. Our students prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime experience by attending a special orientation course prior to departure. Like the programme itself, this course is accredited and focuses on "survival English," critical thinking, and the many cultural differences between Japan and the UK.

Bath Crescent (1).jpgOxford Radcliffe.JPGStonehenge.jpg

Without exception, and very early on in the programme, every participating student has his or her "Eureka!" moment. It occurs all of a sudden when he or she realizes that the English language is not just a classroom language and that they themselves can speak it with considerable expertise. It's a wonderful, wonderful moment!

What's New

Our exchange students enjoyed their 1st field trip of the new academic year (May 25, 2019)

Fourteen exchange students were joined by four Japanese students on a highly informative tour delving into local culture.

The highlights included a visit to a factory producing local delicacies, a guided tour of the coal mining museum, and a delicious lunch at a restaurant specializing in local vegetables and other produce.





By virtue of the field trip, the exchange studetns were able to strengthen their ties to the local community and with each other.

1st field trip.jpg


Welcome party for new exchange students (April 23, 2019)



A welcome party for our newly-arrived exchange students was held on April 23. Also joining the party were some of our Japanese students and faculty members, as well as some of the local citizens who so generously support our exchange students.


FPU welcomes its newly-arrived exchange students! (April 10, 2019)


Eleven newly-arrived exchange students from China and Korea have commenced their studies at Fukuoka Prefectural University. We wish them every success and happiness during their stay with us!

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