FUKUOKA PREFECTURAL UNIVERSITY is situated in Tagawa, about 40 kilometers from Fukuoka City on the island of Kyushu in south-western Japan (see location). The university was founded in 1992 and initially consisted of the three departments of Sociology, Social Welfare, and Human Development and Education within a single Faculty of Integrated Human Studies and Social Sciences.
With the establishment of the Faculty of Nursing in 2003, FUKUOKA PREFECTURAL UNIVERSITY became the comprehensive educational facility for health and social welfare it is today. Aside from graduate courses in these fields, we offer and maintain a Lifelong Learning Center, a Health Promotion and Education Research Center, and a School and Child Support Center. We are as thoroughly committed to the welfare of the local and wider community as we are to the pursuit of academic excellence.
In April 2006, and in accordance with Japan's pubic university reforms, FUKUOKA PREFECTURAL UNIVERSITY became a University Corporation. We are now firmly established as one of the leading universities in western Japan and have approximately 1,100 students and 110 teaching staff with the most up-to-date facilities for study and research. Many of our staff speak foreign languages and we are extremely interested in further developing the university by fostering links with academic institutions in other parts of the world.