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Fukuoka Prefectural University

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Fukuoka Prefectural University

Graduate School

The Graduate School of Human and Social Sciences at Fukuoka Prefectural University is dedicated to the continued pursuit of excellence in disciplines encompassed by the faculty. Our abiding principle of nurturing talent for the betterment of society is reflected in our continued emphasis on community, caring, mental and physical health, and education. That our graduate courses appeal to students determined to refine their skills and knowledge and lead others toward a greater goal is reflected in their high standards of innovation, application and achievement once in the local community or wider world.

Our vision

Over the past few years, Japan's social circumstances have altered drastically. With its aging population and declining birthrate, skilled professionals committed to social welfare and lifelong learning are in demand as never before. It is now readily apparent that, in order to maintain current standards and create a superior welfare system, Japan must develop its human resources and successfully integrate specialized knowledge.
To this end, Fukuoka Prefectural University's Graduate School of Human and Social Sciences was established in April 1997. Since then, the school has consistently trained specialists to the highest standards and encouraged people to return to education for the greater benefit of the community.

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